22/08/2016 4:41 AM AEST | Updated 22/08/2016 6:50 AM AEST

Kim Brennan Is Australia's Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony Flagbearer

A fitting reward for our most dominant Rio gold medallist.

Carlos Barria / Reuters
Onya, Kimmy.

Who else but rower Kim Brennan for the honour of carrying Australia's flag at the Rio 2016 Olympics closing ceremony?

Brennan was the most dominant of Australia's eight gold medallists at these Games. She won the single sculls event in a manner which gave the opposition no chance, leading all the way.

But it's who she is, rather than what she did, that makes Brennan, 31, such a perfect choice. After her event, Brennan gave the most complete, mature interview of any Australian athlete in Rio -- offering some unusually honest insights into the life of an Olympic athlete.

Murad Sezer / Reuters
There was no need to check the scoreboard. She won by a big margin.

"It's a bit ironic that sportspeople are held up as heroes. In reality we're the lucky ones, we're living our dream, we're travelling to amazing places doing what we love, and I want to be there for my family more and be a better support for the people around me," she said after winning.

There was word that four-time Olympic medallist, race walker Jared Tallent, might be given the nod. But Kim is a great choice.

"To lead this Team into the Maracanã will be my greatest honour," she said on hearing the news. "This is my third Olympic Games and it has always been a privilege to represent my nation.

"Getting this chance now to carry the flag, with my teammates who have all given their heart and soul into this campaign, is something you could only dream of.

Carlos Barria / Reuters
We approve of barefoot medal ceremonies.

"The great thing about competing at the Olympic Games is that all 422 athletes and everyone involved comes together as one. Whether you are from rowing, basketball, archery, athletics or any other sport you are a part of the Australian Olympic Team and that is something that is very special.

"When I wave that flag at the closing ceremony I know I will be representing my teammates and all Australians back home."

Brennan started her athletic career as a hurdler. She even beat Jana Pittman once. But she turned to rowing after injury, and has been working to perfect the technical and physical demands of rowing for over 10 years. In Rio that persistence paid off as she added Olympic gold to her world title.

The closing ceremony starts at 9am AEST.