22/08/2016 8:43 AM AEST | Updated 22/08/2016 12:34 PM AEST

Schoolgirl Slams Miniskirt Ban In Rant That Speaks For All Of Us

If she's not already a slam poet, she should certainly become one.

It's the speech all women wish they'd said at one point in their lives and it spontaneously flows from a Year 9 schoolgirl who'd been told short skirts and 'sexy selfies' would be banned at her high school.

Kambrya College Year 9 student Faith Sobotker called out sexism, the objectification of young women and why self respect is not linked to her skirt length in an eloquent speech with the flow of a slam poet.

"You can't tell me what self respect is.

"You can't tell me what ladylike is because... we don't live in the '50s any more.

"I'm looking for equality.

Facebook / Fairfax Media

"I'm looking for being able to show off my body without being sexualised.

"I am 15 years old.

"You do not get to sexualise me like that.

Facebook / Fairfax Media

"You do not get to tell me that my body is sacred, because it isn't.

"Half the population is females alright. We're not sacred. We aren't a new discovery."

Amen, Faith. Amen.

The video, shot by a classmate, has gone viral, with Sobotker jumping in on Facebook to say 'oh my' and 'holy crap' as news outlets around the world shared her video.

She's jumped online to say thank you for the support, and I think the feeling is mutual for women all over the world who relate to her speech.