23/08/2016 2:20 PM AEST | Updated 23/08/2016 2:57 PM AEST

A King Penguin Just Got A Promotion In The Royal Norwegian Army

That's Sir Nils Olav III, to you.

A King penguin has just waddled into the history books by being named a brigadier in the Royal Norwegian Guard.

The penguin, called Sir Nils Olav III, is a resident of Edinburgh Zoo. He was awarded the prestigious title during a special ceremony at the zoo with 50 of Norway's guardsmen in watching on.

Penguins named Nils Olav have been the King's, and the Royal Guard's, mascot since 1972.

Ian Waldie / Reuters
Regimental Sergeant Major Nils Olav, standing to attention before the Norwegian King's Guard, led by Second Lieutenant Herbjorn Folvik at Edinburgh zoo, August 17. The penguin was first adopted by the Norwegian King's Guard in 1972 and promoted in 1982, (Corporal) and 1987, (sergeant).

The first Nils Olav was named after King Olav V and Major Nils Egelien, who organised the adoption with Edinburgh Zoo.

No stranger to accolades, here's a picture of the Royal Norwegian Guard giving Nils Olav a knighthood in 2008.

David Moir / Reuters
King penguin Nils Olav walks past soldiers from the Norwegian King's Guard after he was given a Knighthood at Edinburgh Zoo August 15, 2008.