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Nine Survivors Of Child Sex Abuse Tell Their Horrifying But Important Stories

'My son spent 10 years with a monster inside his head.'

(Warning: some of this material is confronting and disturbing. If the stories cause you sadness or distress and you need help, you can access support services here.)

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual abuse has for the first time published nine audio accounts of survivors' experiences, in a move it hopes will bolster community understanding of abuse.

The nine private session stories tell of abuse that occurred in schools, children's homes, state-run institutions and Aboriginal missions from the 1950's to the 2000's.

The Commission said the stories are accurate summaries of what was said in the private sessions, however names have been changed to protect the identity of the survivors, and actors have been used in the recordings.

Natalie's Story Features A Catholic Priest Who Visited Her Primary School In The 1980s. She Was 11 Years Old.

Stan's Story Takes Place At A Christian Brothers Orphanage In The 1950's. He Was 12 Years Old.

Scott's Story Takes Place At A State Run Hostel In The 1970s. Scott Was 12 Years Old.

Commissioners have now heard more than 5,500 stories in private sessions.

Commission CEO Philip Reed said the stories promote community awareness of the impacts of child sexual abuse, while protecting the privacy of private session attendees.

"Bearing witness to the experiences of survivors in private sessions has been a defining feature of this Royal Commission," Reed said in a statement.

Hugh's Story Features A Scout Leader In The 1980s. Hugh Was About 10 Years Old.

Tracey's Story Takes Place At A Uniting Church School In The 1980s. Tracey Was 15 Years Old.

Donny's Story Takes Place At A Lutheran Church-Run Aboriginal Mission In The 1960s. He Was 8 Years Old.

"These stories have given them insight into what happened, the impact of the abuse, and what could be done to help prevent this occurring in the future," Reed said.

"By publishing these audio stories the Royal Commission is giving all Australians an opportunity to better understand these events and play a part in keeping children safe.

"Survivors of child sexual abuse in an institution come from all walks of life."

Carolyn's Story Takes Place In 2000 At An Anglican Boys' School Where Her Son Tim Was A Student. Tim was 9 years old.

Felicity's Story Takes Place At A Primary School In A Regional Area In The 1960s. Felicity Was 11 Years Old.

Margaret's Story Takes Place At A Salvation Army Children's Home In The 1960s. Margaret Was 11.

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