25/08/2016 3:17 AM AEST | Updated 26/08/2016 3:57 AM AEST

New Trailer For 'The Ring' Sequel Raises A Major Question

That creepy little girl from “The Ring” is back in an all-new sequel “Rings,” and now we’re wondering one major question: 

Who’s still watching VHS?

With the advent of Blu-ray and DVD, it seemed like we were finally rid of the little girl who haunts you if you watch her videotape, but nope. She’s back.

This time the ghost girl is going digital, appearing on the headrest screens in airplanes, flooding your email inboxes and apparently going viral. 

While the first “The Ring” movie was scary as heck and its follow-up, “The Ring Two,” gave us anxiety about sadistic deer, this installment seems more like a PSA for a good spam filter. 

But, hey, spam is scary, too.

“Rings” comes to theaters October 28, 2016.