25/08/2016 6:06 PM AEST | Updated 26/08/2016 4:14 AM AEST

Donald Trump Spoils Ann Coulter's 'In Trump We Trust' Book Launch

J. Scott Applewhite/AP
Ann Coulter was trying to celebrate her new book, "In Trump We Trust," the same night Donald Trump softened his immigration policies -- the one action she said "won't be forgiven." 

Ann Coulter’s new book is called “In Trump We Trust,” but the conservative pundit might already be regretting that title.

There’s nothing Trump can do that won’t be forgiven,” she wrote in her book. “Except change his immigration policies.”

Trump did just that on Wednesday night with a plan to offer legal status to undocumented immigrants, an announcement that came the very same night Coulter held her book launch party.

She did not look like she was in a forgiving mood: 

At first, Coulter was ready to offer excuses 

It’s just rhetoric, but it’s still annoying,” she told The Hill. “I think he panicked and he had to say [it] ... I don’t think he is softening. I mean the big thing is the wall.”

But later on Twitter, Coulter tore into the policy, comparing it to previous offers that some conservatives have dismissed as amnesty. 

Needless to say, Coulter’s critics seized on the opportunity: