29/08/2016 12:17 PM AEST | Updated 29/08/2016 1:29 PM AEST

B*Witched Announce Australian Revival Tour With Epic '90s Lineup

The band's getting back together!

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They were basically double-denim pioneers.

Interrupting your Monday with some breaking news bound to take you back: B*Witched -- AKA the Irish pop group responsible for the hit "C'est La Vie" is getting back together -- and coming down under!

Clear your schedule next February peeps, because the double-denim pioneers will be performing across the country in what will be an epic '90s extravaganza joined by some of the decade's most celebrated.

Brit group Atomic Kitten who are responsible for tracks including Whole Again and The Tide Is High will take the stage as well as.. wait for it, S Club 7! Well, actually, S Club 3 given only Jo, Tina and Bradley make up part of the pop sensation today.

S Club 7's Jo O'Meara.

Still, you can bet on some solid throwback fun in the form of Bring It All Back and S Club Party.

Plus, it's been almost 20 years since B*Witched released their first single, C'est La Vie back in 1998 so it's basically like one giant anniversary party.

BYO vanilla Impulse and butterfly clips, this one's bound to be one for the pop ages.

For tour dates and tickets head to metropolistouring.com/bwitched.