27/08/2016 2:08 AM AEST | Updated 27/08/2016 2:43 AM AEST

Cop Posts Selfies With Lost Pups To Help Sniff Out Their Humans

He’s a one-man pup-arazzi.

Things aren’t as ruff for lost dogs in Massachusetts anymore.

Officer Evan Lavigne of the Taunton Police Department is helping pups on the loose track down their owners — but not before snapping cute selfies with them first.

After responding to a call about an abandoned dog early this month, he took an off-the-cuff photo he initially intended to share just with his friends.

“I thought it was funny, here I am, at the end of my shift, with a lost dog in my cruiser and nowhere to bring him,” he told HuffPost.

But then Lavigne decided to post it to his official department page in order to help the pup find a home. 

“My intent was to make something for my friends and I on SnapChat that I thought was hilarious,” Lavigne said. “Then I asked our department’s Facebook page moderator if he would consider posting the photo to find the owners since after I got the know [the dog], I felt bad dropping him off and maybe never getting him back home.”

The post got a ton of attention, receiving over 5,000 likes on Facebook.

The owners were soon tracked down and the dog got home safe.

A week after the initial incident, Lavigne was called in again when someone found a loose boxer. The officer, who his colleagues were now calling “The Dog Whisperer,” called in animal control on his way to the dog. Once the boxer was in the cruiser with Lavigne, he decided to take a selfie with the dog. 

He hoped the picture would garner enough attention online to help find the dog’s owner. And according to a comment left on the post, the dog seems to be home safe with its owner as well:

“Thank you for finding my dog, he is home,” it reads.

If you lose your pet, the Humane Society suggests that you contact your local animal shelters, search your neighborhood and check the internet. And that’s no fluff!