30/08/2016 8:24 PM AEST | Updated 30/08/2016 8:25 PM AEST

James Corden Recalls Gene Wilder's Sweet, Willy Wonka-Like Rejection

In a touching tribute to Gene Wilder on Monday night, “The Late Late Show” host James Corden remembered the time the legendary comedic actor rejected an offer to appear on his show.

Wilder, who died Sunday at age 83, once came to see Corden in a play. Afterwards, he spent a half-hour in the dressing room inquiring about how Corden and his family were adjusting to New York City.

Corden later asked Wilder to appear on the first episode of “The Late Late Show” in a “Willy Wonka” sketch. Although Wilder turned down the request, he still managed to make a giant impression on Corden.

“In the history of people saying no to things, it couldn’t have been nicer,” said Corden, who called the email Wonka-like and “so poetic.”

Watch above for Wilder’s magical response.

 h/t Uproxx