31/08/2016 9:56 AM AEST | Updated 31/08/2016 9:57 AM AEST

Tomic's Foul Mouthed 'Balls' Sledge A National Embarrassment

The bad boys of Australian tennis need a lesson in keeping their traps shut.


If there's one thing Bernard Tomic will be remembered for in the aftermath of the US Open, currently underway in New York, is the disgusting sledges he threw around, with all the nonchalance of a brazen toddler.

Tomic was up against Damir Dzumhur when he let loose; not at his opponent. No, he was too busy making crass remarks to spectators in the crowd.

As Dzumhur was serving in the first set, Tomic's vile words were caught by the court-side microphones. Here's what he said to a fan in the crowd.

"I will put my balls in your mouth."

"Suck my balls."

Then, another pearler: "I will give you some money to make you feel good".

Here's the thing. Apparently, Tomic was peeved that the spectators were cheering ... which is what spectators at sporting events tend to do sometimes. He raised the issue with the chair umpire who let Tomic know there was little he could to keep the crowd quiet because their behaviour was not in violation of the code of conduct.

Tomic let the umpire know the reason he was cross with the spectator, and one heckler in particular was... (brace yourself for a severely non-intellectual comeback):

"He was saying some shit."

Right. Okay.

Tomic's lewd remarks come just months after compatriot, and fellow 'bad boy of tennis' Nick Kyrgios was fined for swearing at Wimbledon. He also got into a mighty vocal argument with the chair umpire.

Kyrgios admitted he dropped the f-bomb after losing a third-set tiebreak to Radek Stepanek, but later told the media, "I'm pretty sure we've all said it in this room." (A little different from swearing on the hallowed ground of Wimbledon, no?)

Do we need to be reminded of Kyrgios' other shameful comments? Here's another example. At the Toronto Masters last year, he incurred a six month suspended ban for saying to Swiss player Stan Wawrinka, "Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend, by the way". Yep, that's impossible to forget.

Is there a contest between Tomic and Kyrgios for 'most embarrassing Australian sportsman that we don't know about? Current score 5-3 to Kyrgios. Tomic has some catching up to do. Game, set, match.