05/09/2016 10:15 AM AEST | Updated 05/09/2016 10:29 AM AEST

Look At This Beautiful Baby White Whale Off The Coast Of Western Australia

She's white and spotty and loves to play with mum.

The little white whale and its mum.
The little white whale and its mum.

It's Monday morning and you're struggling to summon the motivation to face another week. We get it.

But you need not turn to your third coffee of the morning. Just check this out.

It's a baby right whale and it's white and spotty.

You're welcome.

This wonderful footage comes courtesy of Murdoch University, and captures the baby whale and its mum playing around in waters near Augusta, Western Australia, recently.

The university's Cetacean Research Unit used drones to hover over whales hanging around in the area, and came across the extraordinarily rare white whale.

The pictures were captured as the university undertakes a project to study and tag right whales, so researchers can monitor the health and reproduction of the species.

We all know about Migaloo, the famous humpback that appears off Australia's coast each year, but this new right whale is a welcome addition for Australia's whale-watching public.

The white whale may be the same one spotted in the same area in July, which was nicknamed Pearl by whale-watchers. Unlike Migaloo, however, Pearl is expected to eventually darken and end up a grey colour as she ages.

Until then, however, bask in the glory of nature that has given you a beautiful white whale on your Monday morning.