05/09/2016 1:26 AM AEST

Rescue Team Saves Boy Dangling From Ski Lift In Dramatic Video

'It was pretty scary.'

It was supposed to be a perfect day on the slopes.

That was until 11-year-old Jack Clulee slipped out of his seat on the chairlift, leaving him dangling 30 feet above the cold ground Saturday morning, his father, Kevin, told the New Zealand Herald.

The young skier slipped off the chair before they were able to pull down the safety bar, and dramatic footage shows him holding on to his father and uncle, who were still in the chair. 

But in the amazing rescue video, staff and visitors at New Zealand’s Mount Hutt ski resort use a safety pad to cushion Jack’s fall.

“Wow!!! Well done to the Mt Hutt team who’s quick thinking saved this fella from some bad injuries,” a witness, Tony Kramers, posted on Facebook. “Hanging from a chair lift about 10m plus from their jacket and arms. Looks not too far to fall but watch how long the free fall is.”

Luckily, Jack did not suffer any injures and was back on the mountain that afternoon.

“It was pretty scary,” he told the Herald. “I was just thinking to myself I didn’t want to fall because it was quite high up.”

Jack falls to safety.