05/09/2016 11:48 AM AEST | Updated 05/09/2016 12:17 PM AEST

Watch Two Snakes Fight To The Death While Hanging Off A Roof

Oh my goodness it's Snakes on a Drain.

That's two male snakes going at it.

Have you had a look at the beautiful baby white whale frolicking off the coast of WA? You should, because frankly, you'll need it before this horrifying clip.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers Facebook page shared this straight-up insane video of two snakes hanging off a roof, entwined in one another, while absolutely going for it as they presumably try to kill each other.

If tourists weren't already petrified of coming to our country for fear of being bitten, stung or eaten by every animal they come across, this may finally put them over the edge.


We're not sure what this fight is about, or who started it, but the snake experts at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers reckon it is two males getting into a scrap over -- what else -- a girl.

"Breeding season has definitely begun now, so this male to male combat may be a common sight throughout the coast over the next couple of months," the Facebook post outlines, in a rather terrifying warning.

But this Snakes on a Drain scenario is far from the only disturbing thing on the Sunshine Coast page. Scroll back and you'll find a series of tourist-terrifying moments. Like this snake hanging out on the trampoline:

And this one curled up in the engine of a car:

Or this guy lazing around on top of a backyard fence:

And this one just casually ruining some poor holiday-makers' hotel stay:

Or even this one, kicking back in the pantry and making sure you're sticking to your diet: