05/09/2016 6:35 PM AEST | Updated 06/09/2016 1:52 AM AEST

Baby Wallaby Kicks Well-Meaning Kayakers In The Head During Sea Rescue



Two kayakers in Australia braved a terrified baby wallaby’s ferocious kicks while saving it from open water.

Video shows the panicked animal’s powerful hind legs repeatedly striking one of the kayakers in the head as they tried plucking it from the sea off the coast of Noosa, in Queensland, on Aug. 18.

As the kayakers struggled to calm down the creature, which they’d found swimming around in circles, jet skier Jonah Cooper arrived on the scene to help.

Video filmed by Cooper’s camera shows him grabbing the macropod and steering one-handed back to shore.

He then released the wallaby onto the sand and it hopped off as if nothing had even happened.

I couldn’t really understand for the life of me how someone in a kayak was going to rescue a wallaby and paddle at the same time, so I thought I’d better provide some assistance,” Cooper told