06/09/2016 1:20 PM AEST | Updated 06/09/2016 3:40 PM AEST

New ISIS Magazine Tells Supporters To 'Scorch Australia With Terror'

'Kill them at the MCG, the SCG, the Opera House'.

Allan Baxter
Melbourne Cricket Ground, one of the sites Rumiyah encouraged supporters to target.

A new magazine for supporters of the Islamic State terrorist group carries a chilling warning for Australia, with a long article calling for attacks on some of the country's most iconic landmarks including the MCG, SCG and Opera House.

Rumiyah, a magazine published in several languages including English, launched its first issue today. As part of a four-page article on the death of Australian jihadist Ezzit Raad in Syria, the magazine urges its readers to target Australia with terror attacks.

"Light the ground beneath them aflame and scorch them with terror. Kill them on the streets of Brunswick, Broadmeadows, Bankstown, and Bondi. Kill them at the MCG, the SCG, the Opera House, and even in their backyards," the article states.

"Stab them, shoot them, poison them, and run them down with your vehicles. Kill them wherever you find them until the hollowness of their arrogance is filled with terror and they find themselves on their knees with their backs broken under the weight of regret for having waged a war against the believers, and by Allah's will, and then through your sacrifices, this Ummah will be victorious."

The article describes Australia as "a land cloaked in darkness and corrupted by kufr [non-believers], fornication and all forms of vice".

Raad and his brother, Bassam, were implicated in a 2005 plot to bomb the MCG during the AFL grand final.

Raad managed to vanish from Australia in 2013 to Syria, to join Islamic State. Rumiyah claims Raad is dead, killed when "a piece [of] shrapnel struck him and tore his chest open".

The authenticity of the magazine has been confirmed by the SITE Intelligence Group, a leading counterterrorism organisation.

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