05/09/2016 6:13 PM AEST | Updated 05/09/2016 7:13 PM AEST

Tromp Mystery: Youngest Tromp Daughter Charged

Here is what we know so far.

Eddie Jim
Mitchell and Ella Tromp.

Police have confirmed the youngest Tromp daughter has been charged with stealing a car, which she allegedly took in New South Wales to drive home to Victoria last week.

Ella Tromp, 22, was charged with possessing proceeds of a crime and theft of a car last Tuesday, which authorities today confirmed.

Both charges relate to the car.

Ella's older sister, Riana Tromp, 29 was also charged in relation to the alleged robbery but charges have since been dropped under Section 33 of the Mental Health Act in New South Wales. Riana was found in a ute last week "disorientated and distressed".

The charges are part of the aftermath surrounding the Tromp family's trip which son, Mitchell Tromp, told media was not dissimilar to a road trip in a scary movie.

What is currently understood is that one of the Tromp parents grew suspicious they were being watched and someone was trying to steal money from them.

The family own a berry farm in Silvin in Victoria's Yarra Ranges. They left their home unlocked and their keys in car ignitions on Monday.

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Riana Tromp.

Parents Mark and Jacoba Tromp took their adult children on the bizarre trip without their phones. When it was discovered Mitchell had his phone, he was told to throw it out by his father.

Mitchell told media last week he went on the trip to convince his parents to come home.

The children gradually separated and left their parents on the trip, with each family member found in a separate location throughout Victoria and New South Wales.

Mitchell left first, leaving the family in Bathurst on Tuesday. Ella and Riana then left their parents and allegedly stole a car. Riana left Ella in Bathurst while Ella drove back in the alleged stolen car.

Mark and Jacoba Tromp.

Riana was found by a Goulburn man in his ute "disorientated and distressed". Her mother, Jacoba Tromp, was found walking in Yass and both remain hospitalised in Bathurst.

Mark Tromp was found on Saturday by police in Victoria's Wangaratta, where police believe he remained after he was seen by a young couple running from the family Peugeot.

It remains a mysterious event, which has gradually unravelled since last week. But there are still many blanks to be filled.

Here is a timeline of what we know so far:

  • Monday, August 29: The Tromps leave their berry farm in Silvan, near the Yarra Ranges in Victoria. Mitchell is discovered with phone and told by father, Mark, to throw it out the window.
  • Tuesday, August 30: Mitchell leaves the family in Bathurst in the morning and heads towards Sydney. Ella and Riana decide to leave their parents in the afternoon at the Jenolan Caves and allegedly steal a car. The sisters split up in Goulburn. Ella drives home to Silvan and Riana is found in the back of a Goulburn man's ute.
  • Wednesday, August 31: Police search for Mark and Jacoba at the Jenolan Caves while Mark arrives home in Silvan via train. Mark and Jacoba travel to Wangaratta and separate.
  • Thursday, September 1: Jacoba is found in Yass (after taking public transport there) while Mark is spotted by a couple who allege he was following them. He is seen leaving the Peugeot.
  • Saturday, September 3: Mark Tromp is found by police on Saturday night in Wanagratta walking along a road.