05/09/2016 3:07 PM AEST | Updated 05/09/2016 9:15 PM AEST

Wildflower Season Turns The Desert Into An Instagrammer's Heaven

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Mitch Reardon
Kalbarri National Park, Western Australia, Australia, Australasia

Spring doesn't mean much in Western Australia, where the seasons are more accurately divided into hot, wet and cold (which is actually still quite hot).

Every spring though, the deserts and savannah put on a celebration of colour, painting the landscape in pinks, yellows and violets.

Starting in June, enthusiasts wind their way along coastal tracks and inland routes to glimpse some of the 12,000 wildflower species found in WA -- and 60 percent grow nowhere else on earth.

After a few lacklustre seasons, above average rainfall across parts of the state meant this year has gone off like a cracker.

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It lasts until about November moving further south, so if you're in need of a new profile picture, make the most of this exceptional display of colour.

Experience Perth chief executive Noeleen Pearson said;

"This is one of my favourite times of the year," Pearson said, adding that those who didn't want to go offroad could see wildflowers in Perth.

"The weather is warming up and the wildflowers are beautiful. This is truly a unique nature experience that no other city in Australia can offer with such ease and diversity."

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Our camp at Quobba!! Nothing like being surrounded by wildflowers!! #wawildflowers #purplewildflowers #quobba #mansfieldsontour

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