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Australian Survivor: Tegan's Out, A Popped Boil And Burgers

A medical emergency, a tribal merge and Tegan gets the boot.
Three tribes become two.
Three tribes become two.

Survivor Australia fans were left disappointed on Tuesday night after what was billed as a "huge announcement" turned into a bit of an anti-climax -- in the form of a merge -- leaving only two tribes in the game: Saanapu and Vavau.

Ex-cricketer, Lee, finally gets a new (good) tribe as he joins Saanapu after they hand-pick their own team. Of course this now means there are some pretty huge egos on board.

With a new tribe to cosy up to, contestants are ditching allegiances and plotting revenge.

Ahead, here's what you missed.

1. Kate Faces Her Biggest Threat Yet: A Boil

In episode seven, post-challenge Jonathon orders Kate see a doctor to have the golf ball-like growth under her arm seen to. She explains she thought it was a pimple which is clearly a lie, NO PIMPLE IS EVER THAT BIG.

The doctor explains it is in fact A BOIL and advises her to have the pus drained or it could end her time in the competition -- which would be as embarrassing as it would be devastating.

They drain it and a wick is placed inside. She's back in the competition. For now.

2. One Tribe Got Burgers

Minutes after #BoilGate, in spectacular product placement style, Vavau is awarded with Junior Burgers from Hungry Jacks. Yummy.

3. Tegan Gets Voted Out

After a tie at Tribal Council everyone was made to re-vote except for the two up for elimination -- Tegan and the competition's villain, Nick.

Had Tegan voted for Nick from the get-go, she would have remained safe. After getting the boot, she admits it was the tribe's wish for gender balance that left her exposed.

"Nick's the guy, and he's just a stronger force in the tribe at the moment when it comes to challenges, so I think that's what happened," she said.

Laters, Tegan.
Laters, Tegan.

4. Kat And Rohan Basically Hate Each Other

Much to Rohan's disappointment he lands in the new Vavau tribe with fellow Aganoan member, Kat.

"My worst nightmare has become my reality. Not only has Kat made the merge, but she's made the merge in my tribe," Rohan said.

Kat wastes no time letting her new team mates know she's not a fan of Rohan "the dictator" either. But it doesn't stop there, she even warns Kate of his apparent AFFAIR with Phoebe.

"Him and Phoebe are a bit of a power couple -- even though she has a boyfriend," Kat said.

OH-EM-GEEEEEE. The claws are out.

Australian Survivor airs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night at 7.30pm on TEN.

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