08/09/2016 9:54 AM AEST | Updated 08/09/2016 10:37 AM AEST

Kayaker Jumps In To Swim With Killer Whales In New Zealand

The orca is super playful.

With a name like 'killer' whale, there's no question why most of us wouldn't want to jump in with an orca.

Yet an orca showed its playful side when a kayaker at Army Bay in New Zealand hopped in for a quick snorkel.

The moment was captured by Topview Photography drone pilot Sam Kynman-Cole and kayaker Timothy Stewart told said it felt like a waltz.

Topview Photography / Facebook
A waltz of love or a dance of death?

"My natural spontaneous reaction to feel at one with them pulled me into the water, and gazing into the open mouth of my dance partner showing her teeth was surreal," he told

"She was beautiful and I felt at peace. I think towards the end my mind had a thought of her getting carried away and possibly pulling me down for a tango.

"I headed back to the kayak slowly not realising she was following on my heels."

Toppview Photography / Facebook
The whale follows him back to his kayak.

Indeed the orca can be seen mouthing at his feet, which, if you've watched documentary Blackfish, probably has you breaking out into a cold sweat.

Despite being talented hunters that have been known to take down great white sharks, an orca has never killed a human in the wild.