09/09/2016 3:10 PM AEST | Updated 12/01/2017 5:09 PM AEDT

Game of Thrones: Daniel Portman Is Very Different To Podrick Payne

Stop asking him for a urinal selfie. It's weird.

When we were preparing to interview the actor who plays Game of Thrones' Podrick Payne, we were expecting a shy, softly spoken Englishman.

What we got instead was Daniel Portman. A chatty guy from Glasgow, with an added side of excellent banter.

Yes, we asked him about Pod's peen, since that's all anyone likes to talk about. But how about we celebrate Podrick Payne for the kind-hearted squire and, in Portman's words, "hero" he really is.

Oh, and please stop asking him for selfies while he's using a urinal. It's weird.

Daniel Portman is in Australia touring for Oz Comic Con, more info here.