10/09/2016 5:06 AM AEST | Updated 10/09/2016 5:07 AM AEST

Woman Turns Staircase Cupboard Into Swinging Chihuahua Bachelor Pad

Harry Potter had a miserable time living under the stairs of his relatives’ house ― but Poncho looks right at home.

Poncho’s owner, retired schoolteacher Betty McCall, has turned the staircase cupboard in her Pitts, Georgia, home into a swinging bachelor pad for her 4-year-old canine.

But this isn’t an out-of-control animal house. McCall insists on some ground rules for her four-legged tenant.

“I have a little toy piano that I also got and I told him he could have it as long as he doesn’t play it at midnight,” she quipped to ABC News.