12/09/2016 4:03 PM AEST | Updated 12/09/2016 6:45 PM AEST

12 Easy, Classic Sauces Everyone Can Make From Scratch

Feeling saucy? Let's ketchup.


Think about your favourite meals: pizza, Eggs Benedict, sausage sandwiches, lasagna, sweet and sour pork... What do these meals have in common (aside from all being delicious)?


Seriously, Eggs Benny isn't the same without hollandaise, pizzas and sausage sangas aren't the same without tomato sauce, lasanga isn't lasagna without béchamel, and sweet and sour pork is nothing without its sweet and sour sauce. See where we're heading?

Sauce is the crux of good food, if you will, which is why it's so damn important to know how to make some at home.

Yes, you can buy hollandaise from a packet at the supermarket, but fresh is always best -- especially when it's so incredibly simple to make at home. Promise.

From tomato and barbecue sauce to béchamel and Béarnaise, these easy recipes have got your bland eggs and hot dogs sorted.

Infographic courtesy of Quid Corner.

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