13/09/2016 11:14 AM AEST | Updated 13/09/2016 11:59 AM AEST

Barnaby Joyce Gives Skin Cancer Warning After Having Spots Removed

'Make sure you wear a big hat.'


Barnaby Joyce, deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Nationals, usually looks like this.

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Or this.

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But right now, he looks like this.

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Joyce has had skin cancers removed, turning up to parliament this week with several large and angry-looking marks on his face. After fielding many questions recently over his appearance, the deputy PM made a little instructional video for us all to explain exactly what is happening there.

He says he's been using creams to treat "very minor forms" of skin cancer.

"No point trying to hide it, we'll just deal with it for about six weeks," Joyce said.

"I'm really humbled by all the people ringing up. I'll be fine, thanks very much."

It is not the first time the Nationals leader has undergone skin treatment due to sun damage. In May, in the midst of the recent election campaign, Joyce confirmed he had skin cancers removed from his neck and face. In January, he wrote a piece in News Corp detailing how he had several concerning spots cut out from his shoulder after a "pollie skin check clinic".

Joyce, born in Tamworth and growing up on the land and working on farms, has spoken in the past about how he disregarded the dangers of the sun in his younger days. He has since spoken regularly about the need to be sun safe.