12/09/2016 4:21 PM AEST | Updated 12/09/2016 7:07 PM AEST

Congratulations Melbourne! Your Commute Is Australia's Worst

Smelly passengers are a serious problem.

Public transport can be annoying but it's a vital part of Australian life.
Chris Turner
Public transport can be annoying but it's a vital part of Australian life.

Melbourne trains are awful. That's the official word from commuters.

In an annual survey from comparison site Canstar Blue, Melbourne trains have been voted the worst in Australia.

On the flip side, West Australians are the luckiest commuters as TransPerth has been named the country's best city rail system for the fifth year in a row.

Canstar surveyed 6000 people and asked them to rate their rail systems in categories such as cleanliness, ticket price and safety.

Interestingly, those in Brisbane had the most expensive commute, with the average person spending $46 a week on travel. Penny pinchers would do well to move to Perth, which had an average spend of $33 weekly for train commutes.

Commuters in Melbourne may only pay $35 a week but a massive 70% say they experience overcrowding and 53% say there are often delays.

There's not much difference between how safe people feel catching trains during the day, but at night in Melbourne only 42% of train travellers feel safe in comparison to 46% in Sydney.

On Sydney trains, loud personal conversations are travellers' pet peeve, closely followed by people sneezing and coughing and, quite horrifyingly -- smelly passengers.