14/09/2016 6:54 AM AEST | Updated 14/09/2016 6:55 AM AEST

All Of The Colour: The Manicure Trends Coming This Summer

Break up with beige, the '60s are back to fun up your nail game.

Getty Images for Magnum
It's final. One colour just isn't enough.

If you've been growing tired of nude nails, get ready for some good news (monochrome faithfuls, you may need to sit down for this).

The runways of New York Fashion Week have spoken and soon, your fingernails will be drenched in a pop of multi-colour. Not kidding. For serious. The way you painted your nails in kindy -- as in, a different colour for each digit -- is about to become a legitimate FARSHUN trend.

What does this mean?

"It means forget everything you know and start having fun with colour," Melanie Burnicle, makeup director at Revlon told The Huffington Post Australia.

Ahead, Burnicle tells us how to make it work, whether you're with the rainbow, or prefer to hang back in the clouds.


The New Nude

"Last season it was all about the nude nail and now we're seeing it evolve into a nude base with a French tip -- whether that be white, black or coloured -- and also some kind of geometric shape in the middle of the nail," Burnicle said.

Think: mini squares, rectangles and triangles in pops of different colour.

"We're also seeing modern interpretations of the Aztec print, with colour combinations like nude, mint green, navy and yellow," Burnicle said.

'Go against the rules and have fun with colour.'

Crimson Red Is Your New Bestie

Not game enough to go full rainbow? Burnicle said each season there's always a traditional colour that comes through and this year it's all about crimson red -- with a twist.

"Rebecca Minkoff did crimson red nails with a French tip of either pale pink or nude -- and also reversed it so each nail was different," Burnicle said.

"The cheapest and easiest way to look on-trend without having to spend big on your wardrobe is with your lips and nails, and this is a perfect example of how you can do that," Burnicle said.

Getty Images for TRESemme
'There's no reason why you can only have one colour.'

A Wash Of Gold

"We'll start to see more nude bases with a wash of gold or sometimes the whole nail painted a textured gold -- this trend is great for shorter nails," Burnicle said.

As for the shape? "Not quite square, yet not quite circle. We're seeing less of the pointed tip this season though with the French tip and geometric styles it helps to have slightly longer nails to ensure the lines are neat and clean," Burnicle said.

Finally, if none of the above tickles your fancy, Burnicle said shades of "dove grey" will also be on high rotation this season.

'As for shape, we'll see less of the pointed tip this summer and more rounded-square edges.'