13/09/2016 10:03 PM AEST | Updated 14/09/2016 2:00 AM AEST

Samantha Bee Rips 'Human Splenda' Matt Lauer, And It's Sweet

Samantha Bee had to wait until Monday’s “Full Frontal” to unleash on Matt Lauer for his moderating fail during the Commander-In-Chief Forum with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump last week. And she got personal.

Bee called out the “Today” mainstay as a “human Splenda” whose “crack journalism skills include getting up early and asking tough questions about recipes.” Referring to a “Today” bit in which Lauer dressed in lifeguard drag to promote a “Baywatch” segment, she said, “Maybe this Halloween he can dress up as a journalist.”

Bee eventually turned her hilariously barbed tongue to other matters on the campaign trail, like how it’s the media’s job to wade through the “geysers of mendacious vomit that spews nonstop from the Trump campaign.” 

Check that out here: