14/09/2016 6:46 PM AEST | Updated 14/09/2016 7:50 PM AEST

A Family Affair? Pyne Thinks The Coalition Is Just Like His Family

'In the Pyne family, we don't all have the same opinions.'

Just like sitting in front of the telly with your nearest and dearest.

It's been one year since Malcolm Turnbull took office and Liberal Minister Christopher Pyne isn't far off calling Team Turnbull family.

While defending the Coalition's disunity on Wednesday night, Pyne told The Project the Coalition are just like the Pyne family.

"All families have some days when they're happier than others but we are a happy family. We are a good team," the Liberal MP said.

"In the Pyne family we don't all have the same opinions. Sometimes we argue about things but we are a united family."

Before we go on, you can watch the entertaining exchange in its entirety below and read more about Turnbull's achievements in 365 days here.

When Waleed Aly admitted he could not let Pyne's denial of disunity go, the Liberal minister went on to say he comes from a large family who don't have to agree with each other about everything.

"I'm sure the Pyne's are very tight," Waleed replied.

"Let's be real, this isn't about different opinions but white-anting."

The Project co-host then went on to highlight Abbott's decision to comment on a leaked classified white paper and criticised Turnbull's decision to delay the construction of submarines.

"I'm not a commentator on what other people say to the press either on the record or off the record," Pyne replied.

"I am an activist and advocate for good Government policies and I will keep getting on with my job because that is what I am paid to do," Pyne replied.