14/09/2016 6:59 PM AEST

Ding Dong, Booger Hole And Worms Top List Of Oddest U.S. Town Names

And we thought Bong Bong, NSW, and Yorkeys Knob, QLD, were strange.

Next time you’re planning a road trip across the U.S., consider passing through one of these bizarrely named towns. 

Real estate website rounded up some of America’s most ridiculously named places, giving spots like Chicken, Alaska, Boring, Oregon and Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts the national recognition they deserve. 

This map shows the oddest-named towns in each U.S. state, according to

It seems like some of these places are as quirky as their names suggest. The town website belonging to Chicken, Alaska, for instance, encourages tourists to “get the cluck over here!” The site for Boring, Oregon, promises readers the town is “an exciting place to call home!” also includes a list of town names in each state that didn’t top their list, but deserved mentioning nonetheless. We have to agree ― Zzyzx, California certainly has quite the ring to it. Head on over to the site to check out the full list.