14/09/2016 2:38 PM AEST | Updated 14/09/2016 6:04 PM AEST

'Survivor Australia': This Week In Seven Hilarious Tweets

The male model, kaftan Kat and 'Ferrari brain' get the boot.

Nigel Wright
See ya, Andy.

Tuesday night's episode saw Andrew Torrens, probably the most hated contestant on 'Australian Survivor', get blindsided by his fellow tribe and sent home after 25 days on the Samoan island.

This was the guy that said "I have a Ferrari in my brain and the rest are driving Hyundai XLs" -- so you can imagine everyone was pretty keen to see him go.

Especially after he remained safe on Monday, when kaftan-wearing Kat was sent home.

And the night before that, male model Rohan was booted after giving up his immunity idol and having his crew turn on him. But srsly, WHO WOULD GIVE UP THEIR OWN IMMUNITY? So silly.

So how did it all go down last night? Kate and Craig -- Torrens' original alliance -- had grown tired of the "puppet master" (self-described) and orchestrated a move to have him voted off -- convincing the rest of Vavau he was the weakest link.

Speaking to camera afterwards Torrens said, "I maybe got a little bit cocky, got a little bit arrogant and hungry with my power, and unfortunately that's why I'm sitting here tonight."

"And what better way to go out of Survivor than being blindsided," he said. Twitter obviously erupted with glee.

And that, my friends, concludes week four of Survivor Australia.