15/09/2016 1:46 AM AEST

16 Must-Have Wedding Wedding Ideas For Couples Who Love Brunch

Let's do brunch! 🍾🍓🍳

Kojodesigns Becca Rillo Photography

Brunch allows you to combine breakfast foods and booze, making it unequivocally the very best meal of all. 

Between the mimosas, fluffy waffles and eggs ― what’s not to like? Below 16 food and beverage ideas for a brunch wedding your guests will never forget. 

  • 1 A mimosa bar
    A mimosa bar
    Get your morning buzz on.
  • 2 Or an espresso bar
    Or an espresso bar
    Krista Lee Photography
    If you need some caffeine first thing. 
  • 3 A donut wall
    A donut wall
    The Grovers
    Because variety is the spice of life. 
  • 4 A donut cake
    A donut cake
    Emily Sacra Photography
    So this is what they mean by *tiers* of joy.
  • 5 Or a waffle cake
    Or a waffle cake
    Becca Rillo Photography
    Bring on the maple syrup, baby. 
  • 6 Quiche
    Sallys Baking Addiction
    It isn't brunch without eggs. 
  • 7 Bloody Marys
    Bloody Marys
    Arrowood Photography
    Your post-rehearsal dinner hangover is no match for a Bloody Mary. 
  • 8 A bagels and lox spread
    A bagels and lox spread
    Arrowood Photography
    Fresh bagels are bae goals. 
  • 9 Beermosas
    Braedon Photography | Lady Liberty Events
    Beer + orange juice = BAM. 
  • 10 A pancake bar
    A pancake bar
    Vanilla Photography
    Flippin' delicious. 
  • 11 Or mini pancake skewers
    Or mini pancake skewers
    The Reason
    Pancakes as hors d'oeuvres? We're all about this. 
  • 12 Pastries
    Tana Photography
    All that flaky goodness.
  • 13 Or biscuits
    Or biscuits
    Anna Wolf Photography
    Wedding flowers? More like wedding flour. 
  • 14 Hot tea
    Hot tea
    Anna Delores Photography
    Because you need a cup of tea to pair with those biscuits.
  • 15 A cereal bar
    A cereal bar
    Onelove Photography
    Indulge your inner child and chow down on a big ol' bowl of Lucky Charms. 
  • 16 Mini chicken and waffles
    Mini chicken and waffles
    The Reason
    The perfect combination of savory and sweet. 
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