15/09/2016 12:54 AM AEST

Artists Will Not Stop Tormenting America With Nude Trump Statues

Warning: Photos of naked Donald Trump statues lie ahead. Read on at your own risk. 

Jason Goodrich

Anonymous street artist collective Indecline, still high off the unhinged hullabaloo caused by their last art stunt, are back at it again.

In the wee hours before daybreak on Sept. 14, they covertly delivered two more of their signature Cheez-Whiz-dipped nude Donald Trump sculptures to Miami, Florida, and Jersey City, New Jersey.

And we’re sorry to report, they’re here to stay. 

After their first round of sculptures were removed by authorities, the artists were contacted by New Jersey’s Mana Contemporary gallery, which offered to work with the collective to install two more of the undressed Trumps, where they will stay until the November election.

The Jersey City Trump now resides just outside the Holland Tunnel, and the Miami Trump is on a factory rooftop, facing the I-95. Both Trumps will be sold at auction following the election. 

To all Miami and Jersey City residents about to see a lot more Trump on their morning commutes, we’re sorry. We’re so, so sorry.