16/09/2016 4:02 PM AEST | Updated 16/09/2016 4:46 PM AEST

The Western Bulldogs' Banner Guy Is The Funniest Thing In Football

Fact: All AFL banners are lame except Western Bulldogs banners.

Danny McGinlay
Three years of Hawks dominance could end on Friday night.

As we all await Friday night's blockbuster between Hawthorn and the Western Bulldogs at the MCG, here's another reason to be excited.

It's the Bulldogs banner. Like all of the Bulldogs banners this year, it promises to be awesome. The banners are written by Melbourne Comedian Danny McGinlay, an amusing fellow who you can follow on Twitter and Instagram. But what will Friday night's banner say?

"I'm hoping people who are not Hawthorn fans will see it and go 'yesssss'," was what McGinlay cryptically told The Huffington Post Australia. We can't wait.

Here's a selection of Bulldogs banners from recent matches. This one, from the Bulldogs vs Swans game in July, took a swipe at Sydney's lockout laws. Gotta pay that.

Getty Images
Ouch, that hurts.

This banner from the May match against the Demons needs a little explaining. It read:

At the end of the match we'll still be cheering, you'll still be worried about your negative gearing.

For those not up with Melbourne footy culture, it was a swipe at the moneyed Melbourne Demons supporters, whose property portfolios were under threat by proposed changes to negative gearing laws. Ha! Right where it hurts!

Getty Images
Real estate humour. Never unfunny.

McGinlay's humour is not always sophisticated, but all good comedians have modes. This was a simple joke about weak opposition and weak beer. Nice.

Getty Images
So cruel.

Anyone for a joke at the expense of West Australians? This was from 2015 but we're putting it in anyway.

Round 7, vs Fremantle. This was my favorite of 2015. #bemorebulldog🔴⚪️🔵

A photo posted by Danny McGinlay (@bulldogsbannerman) on

First rule of comedy: Never repeat a joke. Second rule of comedy: But if it was really funny, OK what the heck, repeat it.

The banner! #afleaglesdogs #bemorebulldog #godogs

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Third rule of comedy: See rule two. This also from 2015.

But you know what? Danny has a soul too. When the occasion demands, he plays it straight. This one was a salute to Jarryd Roughead, who was diagnosed with a recurrence of melanoma in May. Roughead's cousin Jordan plays for the Bulldogs.

Danny McGinlay

In actual football news, the Hawks are favourites for the big match against the Doggies, but the Bulldogs have hit form and are recovering from injuries at the right time of the year.

Most neutral footy watchers will be cheering for the Dogs, and you just get the strong hint Danny McGinlay's banner will be talking directly to those people.

There's a great list of every Bulldogs banner this season right here.