19/09/2016 10:31 AM AEST | Updated 19/09/2016 11:19 AM AEST

F1 Marshal Runs For His Life In Terrifying Blunder At The Singapore Grand Prix

That wasn't supposed to happen.

Getty Images

If you're looking at this picture of a marshal on the track at the Singapore Grand Prix and thinking, "that's not right" -- well, that's because it's not.

This incredible and quite terrifying footage captures the moment a marshal is caught on the track just seconds away from the on-rushing field of drivers.

The marshal scampers for his life across the track and makes it to safety, merely metres ahead of what can really only be described in this context as a high-speed death machine.

The marshal had entered the track just after the start of the race after Nico Hulkenberg crashed. A severe and nearly fatal breakdown in communication left that same marshal fleeing from another Nico -- Nico Rosberg.

"That was pretty hairy for sure. Just as we didn't expect the restart he didn't either," Rosberg said.

Drivers had been told the track was clear and the race could resume. Clearly, the track wasn't clear, and the outcome was nearly disastrous.

Thankfully this story is just the footnote of the race, won by Rosberg, and not its tragic headline.