The Guacamole Recipes That Can Make Your Life Great Again

One is just not enough.

No one really needs a guacamole recipe to make a batch. Just mix up ripe avocados with onion, jalapeño, salt and lime juice — the inclusion of garlic, tomato and cilantro are up for debate — and voila, the best appetizer on the planet is yours. But guacamole recipes are helpful for those of us who need a little guidance, which is why we have 18 for you.

Guacamole recipes let the world know that yes, you can add bacon to your guac when you want. And they offer the excuse to make another batch ― and another, and another.

Below you can find 18 delicious reasons to make another batch of guacamole ― and to get creative with it. (Think shrimp, roasted corn and even pesto.)