11 Genius Ways To Breathe New Life Into Old T-Shirts

Why throw them away when you can turn them into super cute headbands?
Folded baby clothes
Folded baby clothes

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There’s nothing better than an old, worn in, comfortable T-shirt.

Perhaps that’s why we have so many of them shoved into the depths of our pajama drawers and the backs of our closets.

That overabundance might, at some point (ahem, when you’re no longer able to shut your drawer) prompt you to consider giving away some of your less frequented shirts. We’re here to steer you in a different, more fun, more creative direction.

You see, rather than letting those neglected tees take up space or go to waste, why not breathe new life into them via a super cute headband or tote bag? Peruse the DIY wonderland that is Pinterest and you’ll find crafts ― both simple and more complex ― that give new life to your trusty old tees.

Behold, 11 things to do with your T-shirts (besides throw them away), below.

1. Jazz up your flip-flops:

2. Impress your friends with this unbreakable bowl:

3. Make a super cute, no-sew headband:

4. That you can carry around in your no-sew T-shirt tote:

5. Spruce up your couch with some cool throw pillows:

6. Give your feet a treat by making this T-shirt scrap rug:

7. Make the coolest baby bib on the block:

8. Or the coolest toy at the dog park:

9. Be “in” with fringe:

10. Have fun with pom poms:

11. That you can pin onto this comfy scarf: