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John Oliver Took Aim At Australia's Immigration Policy At The Emmys

He made the joke to Bronwyn Bishop's daughter.

Comedian and TV host John Oliver is all fun and games -- until he has you in his sights.

Oliver and Last Week Tonight won the Outstanding Variety Talk Series category at Monday's Emmy awards. Backstage, he fronted the press for a media conference, and almost immediately found himself face-to-face with Channel Ten entertainment reporter Angela Bishop.

Bishop asked Oliver about Donald Trump, and comments Oliver had previously made about there being no chance that Trump would win the American presidency. With polls showing Trump is closing the gap on Hillary Clinton, Bishop pushed him on his prediction.

"Give us a chance, have some faith, Angela," Oliver replied.

"Maybe check on the state of your own country's immigration policies before you steer it too hard at this one."


Angela Bishop is the daughter of former speaker Bronwyn Bishop, who was part of the Howard government which instituted Australia's tough immigration and refugee policies in the wake of the 2001 Tampa incident, and also a member of the Abbott government who tightened those policies.

At last year's Emmys, while being interviewed with Bishop (Angela, not Bronwyn), Oliver had a dig at Tony Abbott in the wake of his deposing at the hands of Malcolm Turnbull just days before.

"I don't know what the point of Tony Abbott was, but it was fun while it lasted. It was like taking heroin, it was incredibly exhilarating, and it was right that you stopped," Oliver said.

Oliver then went on to say "I don't think [America] is going to elect" Trump. We'll see...

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