19/09/2016 5:33 PM AEST

Why You Need Cinnamon In Your Life This Summer

The spice literally makes you cooler.

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The popular doughnut spice has been proven to cool down the stomach.

Cinnamon has dusted doughnuts and spiced curries for centuries and new research shows its effect doesn't end with the taste buds.

The spice can cool your body by up to two degrees, a RMIT University study into gut health found.

The cinnamon results, published in journal Scientific Reports, were initially discovered in pigs, and RMIT University project leader Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh told The Huffington Post Australia what's good for pigs tends to be good for us.

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Cinnamon can cool the body.

"Pigs have one of the most similar gut structures to humans, their size can be quite comparable and their microbial community in their body is not very far off us as well," Kalantar-zadeh said.

He said cinnamon cooled pig's stomachs by two degrees but also improved overall health.

"Cinnamon protected the walls of the stomach and small intestines, basically protecting the integrity of the gut."

As for us humans, he said cinnamon could do no harm.

"Our ancestors have been saying say cinnamon is good for health for a long time," Kalantar-zadeh said.

"Taking it at a moderate level will be beneficial to the body for sure, and it cools the stomach down so it's perfect in summer."