Should You Be Using Cashew Milk In Your Coffee?

As far as milk alternatives go, this is how the nut milk adds up.
Cup of coffee
Cup of coffee

There are many options these days when it comes to milk alternatives. It makes the mornings ― pre-coffee ― loaded with far too many choices. If you’ve been trying to find the right lightener for your morning cup, you can now add cashew milk to your list of considerations.

Cashew milk doesn’t hold the same rank almond milk has these days ― almond milk is now officially offered at Starbucks, and cashew milk is still pretty difficult to find at the grocery store ― but some of our favorite food bloggers swear by cashew milk, so it’s time to explore what it has to offer.

Cashew milk has a milder flavor than almond milk, and is also naturally sweeter than almond milk. So if you like some sugar in your milk or lattes, but are trying to abstain, this might be just what your morning needs. Cashew milk also adds a thickness that works wonderfully in lattes. Plus, Silk’s version, for example, contains only 25 calories per one-cup serving and no saturated fat or cholesterol. (And many store-bought brands are fortified with calcium and Vitamin D.)

There is a downfall: cashew milk is slightly pricier to make than some of the other alternative milk options. While you can find cartons of the pre-made milk commercially online for the same price as almond milk, making a fresh batch will cost more because cashews run for about a dollar more a pound. On, raw almonds cost $9.99 a pound and raw cashews cost $10.99. But for that sweet flavor in the morning, it might be worth the extra buck.

Here’s how you make cashew milk:

And if you want to give almond milk a try, here's a great recipe to follow.