20/09/2016 2:13 PM AEST | Updated 20/09/2016 5:31 PM AEST

Stranger Gives Homeless Woman Enough Cash To Get On A Flight Home

And the random act of kindness has struck a chord.

A Perth man has stunned a homeless woman on the street after taking out enough cash at the ATM to get her an airfare home to New Zealand to visit her family.

The random act of kindness was caught on video in Northbridge on Saturday night, and has struck a chord with thousands.

Homeless advocate, Siham Carollisen, caught the entire exchange on her Facebook page Brothers & Sisters Perth.

Carollisen explained the homeless woman, Jess, had recently reconnected with her family in New Zealand and she was trying to raise enough money for either a place to live, or a ticket home.

"Because she isn't a resident of this beautiful country, she doesn't qualify for any income support," Carollisen wrote on Facebook.

"As we sat we were approached by a man. At first taken aback by his direct approach, he asked why she was there, why we were with her and what we get out of it.

"He listened, and without another word, held out his hand and said 'come with me, I'll sort you out'. He led her to an ATM and gave her enough money for one ticket home."

The man, who said he is just a "simple person" in the video has been identified as Daniel Roose.

Roose told WAtoday people are too quick to judge the homeless who are misperceived as lazy.

"It's easy to judge people from afar -- but if that was that easy, people wouldn't be there," Roose said.

"I don't think people understand how many issues they have.

"All I had to do is walk to a teller machine and back... everyone can dig deep, or do something small, to help someone out."