21/09/2016 2:15 PM AEST | Updated 21/09/2016 2:16 PM AEST

Bloke Fined After Mad Monday 'Sneaky Nut' Appears In Newspaper

A footy team's celebration went accidentally viral.

Border Mail
The photo, as it appeared.

A 22-year-old man has been fined for indecently exposing himself in a photo at a pub in Albury, after the photo made the local paper then went viral.

NSW Police said in a statement that the man received a criminal infringement notice "after he allegedly behaved offensively" at a licensed premises on Wilson Street, Albury, on Monday morning.

"Police have been told the group were asked to pose for a photo, during which it's alleged one of the men, aged 22, indecently exposed himself," police said.

"Yesterday (Tuesday 20 September 2016), officers from Albury Local Area Command were notified and commenced an investigation. Following inquiries, a 22-year-old man was issued a Criminal Infringement Notice for behave in offensive manner in/near public place."

As it happens, we already knew of an incident where a young man exposed himself in a photo happened in Albury on Monday. A picture of a local footy team celebrating their Mad Monday was published by the local Border Mail newspaper, but readers soon noticed something that the paper's editors didn't -- a guy seemingly exposing a sensitive part of his anatomy.

Border Mail

We've blurred the guy's face but helpfully pointed out the area in question, so you didn't have to engage in an adult version of Where's Wally looking for it. The photo went viral, bouncing around and being covered by several news outlets.

We asked police whether the fine issued was in any way linked to the photo. Their answer was less than conclusive, but suffice it to say we're confident that it's the same guy.

We're not sure but this may very well be the first criminal proceedings against a Chris Lilley-inspired "sneaky nut".

But of course, it's far from the first time an accidental testicle has made it into print: