These Cauliflower Cake Recipes Will Blow Your Mind

And it's good cake, too.

There’s so much to love about cake. The fluffy, spongey layers. The smooth, sweet frosting. The sheer size some of them can take on. Even if you’re a pie lover, there’s no denying how special cake can be. There’s only one downside ― it’s just not that good for us. Until now.

We have found a cake that you can feel good about eating for dessert. Or dinner. Or even for breakfast. Guys, we’re talking about cauliflower cakes.

Cauliflower has been making its way into lots of our dinner recipes ― even taking the place of rice ― but we never thought it’d turn into dessert. The food blogger behind Unconventional Baker ― a gluten-, sugar-, dairy- and egg-free blog ― has become a master at turning steamed cauliflower into a mostly raw cake that will make you forget all about the sugar, flour and butter that makes those traditional desserts so bad for you.

We have four recipes for you to try below, plus a cauliflower “white chocolate” fruit dip if you want to taste cauliflower as a dessert, but aren’t up to making a whole cake.