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DJ Ruckus Admits His Fiancé Shanina Shaik Has A 'Yogi' Influence On Him

Couples who 'Om' together, stay together.

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When it comes to romantic clichés, it doesn't get much better than Victoria's Secret model falls in love with world's most sought after DJ.

To suck you in even more, the supermodel hails from Melbourne and the DJ comes from a famous muso family. His cousin? Lenny Kravitz. His mentor? P. Diddy.

The proposal came on a private island over Christmas, after just eight months of dating. But if you thought DJ Ruckus and Shanina Shaik were just another headline-grabbing pairing, you'd be squarely mistaken.

On their own, they are intriguing. Together, they are humble and impossibly cool.

On Wednesday, The Huffington Post Australia spoke to DJ Ruckus on the phone while he was in Sydney to talk music, mentors and why he's all for getting his Zen on with his fiancé.

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Post-gym sesh on the streets of Tribeca.

It's your first time in Australia. How do you like it?

It's really beautiful. We managed to get down to Melbourne and now we're here in Sydney. I'm currently on a photo shoot for ELLE Australia right now -- in a place called Dover Heights -- right on the water.

We know it. Right next door to Bondi. Tell us about the shoot.

Well it's me and Shanina -- you know I don't tend to do many photo shoots on my own [laughs] -- but that's cool.

Right. That whole jet-setting supermodel thing.


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DJ Ruckus counts P. Diddy as one of his mentors.

How did you get into music?

As a kid I was definitely a product of hip hop. I loved to break dance and I loved graffiti. And DJing came next. I'd always get excited when family members gave me some of their old records and I just fell in love with the whole technique of scratching and manipulating whole songs together.

At what point did you realise it could be a career?

I got an opportunity to DJ at this nightclub in Miami when I was 15. It was a time when the nightclub scene was much more relaxed and somehow my friend had managed to convince the owner of the club to let me play. I fell in love with DJing then and there and never stopped from that night.

You've said in the past P. Diddy is your mentor.

He's an extremely inspiring guy and one of the hardest working human beings on the planet. He was one of the first people other than family members that had an understanding of my ambition to do certain things. He didn't know who I was, but we frequented the same clubs and one night he took me aside and gave me this amazing opportunity -- to play at a birthday party of his in Morocco -- I was 17 at the time. He's definitely opened a lot of doors for me and gave me an opportunity to shine.

Oh he is HAPPY 😄😂 to be in Australia......and so am I 😄🐨💙 #homesweethome

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How familiar are you with Australian DJs?

I've worked with Will Sparks before and I think I'm going to be supporting him in December here in Sydney when he plays at Marquee. I'm fond of his sound and how he's brought something different to EDM.

Your DJ residencies have you travelling 260 days of the year. That's far from a normal schedule.

It's true. Travelling makes it extremely difficult to do all of the normal things like staying fit and eating well. But I try to take every opportunity I can to exercise. My manager is pretty good at making sure there's a gym at every hotel.

Do you eat the plane food?

I try not to, but sometimes you don't have a choice. I'm pretty lucky in that I have a fast metabolism.

Do you and Shanina work out together?

It depends on our schedules but when we're in the same city definitely. Her routine is very different to mine -- she focuses more on the long and lean muscles like yoga -- but she actually teaches me a lot of moves too.

Does that mean you're a yoga convert?

Yeah, I mean I definitely wouldn't have been going to yoga if it wasn't for her. We do calisthenics and more cardio type stuff as well that I wouldn't normally do. I definitely learn a lot from her.

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