Mum's Honest Post Nails The Many Contradictions Of Motherhood

"You work 24 hours a day and get asked why you don't work."

An Australian mom nailed the many ups and downs of motherhood in a perfectly contradictory Facebook post.

In the post, which she shared on Sunday, blogger Constance Hall detailed the contradictions that come with the exhausting reality of being a mom.

“You work 24 hours a day and get asked why you don’t work,” she wrote, adding later, “You spend your whole day wanting some space from the very people that you never want to leave.”

People on Facebook are loving Hall’s honest look at parenting. Her post has gotten more than 100,000 reactions and more than 14,000 shares. Many people praised the mom for her humor, and one parent wrote that she “never related to anything more.”

To end the post, Hall repeated what she wrote at the beginning: “Motherhood is so confusing.” But, according to her, what makes it even more perplexing is that she “wouldn’t change a single thing.”