23/09/2016 10:45 AM AEST | Updated 23/09/2016 12:58 PM AEST

Bloody Hell, This Woman Found A Snake In Her Ugg Boot

They're everywhere. Nobody is safe.

Snake Catchers Adelaide/Facebook

Snakes. If you spend much time outside the major cities during summer, there's a good chance you'll see one, run over one in the car on the road, or nearly stand on one in the garden.

Wear a good pair of shoes, and stomp noisily when you're in long grass, and you should be fine. That is, unless the snake decides to take up residence in your bloody shoe in the first place.

The Snake Catchers Adelaide group on Facebook shared this frankly unsettling photo of a nice big brown fella curled up inside an ugg boot. It comes from Moana, a suburb just south of Adelaide, and it's here to terrify you just in time for summer.

We usually find snakes in quiet, warm places -- curled up inside sheds and garages, sometimes making their way into homes or cars. We don't need them in our shoes. It's just not on. Especially not inside the humble ugg boot, the national icon.

In the immortal words of Woody, "there's a snake in my boot", but this ain't no Toy Story.