23/09/2016 9:46 AM AEST | Updated 23/09/2016 10:55 AM AEST

Do This Quiz To Work Out The Best Holiday Destination For You

Based on your manners.

Mel Yates
Where to? Well, that depends on the culture you're used to.

Thinking about moving abroad, or even just going on a holiday?

Sure, there's the usual ways to pick a destination (recommendations from mates, ads on the telly), but maybe you should consider your manners before you book that ticket.

Like, do you greet people by kissing, or shaking hands? How do you feel about tipping in restaurants-- do you just round up, leave 20 percent, or not tip at all? And how about about tardiness -- are you always punctual or fashionably late?

The below flowchart has your next trip sorted, taking into account your manners.

Bon voyage!


Infographic from Expedia.

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