23/09/2016 10:39 AM AEST | Updated 23/09/2016 12:42 PM AEST

Netflix Reveals Aussie Binge-Watchers Are Harder To Crack

Us, stubborn? No way.

Headstrong, rather.

When it comes to our pick of binge-worthy shows, no matter where you are in the world it's pretty universal. But that's not to say our binge-watching behaviour is the same, as new data reveals Aussies take longer than the rest of the world to get hooked.

According to Netflix's latest global survey, which looked at the viewing habits of people from six continents, it's taking Aussies roughly one more episode than our global counterparts before we're officially drawn in.

Here's an infographic to break it down:

Netflix revealed the episode Aussie viewers became hooked on a series compared to the rest of the world.

Whether it's due to the fact we are a young market or maybe we're just harder to crack, who knows.

As for identifying with different story lines, the data also showed whether you're in Japan or Australia people are obsessed with political corruption with "Narcos" and "Marseille" being rated as among the most binge-worthy shows.

But it's not all cocaine and bad guys. People love to love love, too. From Rory's first kiss in "Gilmore Girls" to Meredith's elevator hook-up on "Grey's Anatomy" these are the moments when viewers go from casual to committed.

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