24/09/2016 10:15 AM AEST | Updated 24/09/2016 2:52 PM AEST

Forbes Evacuation Order As Flood Warnings In Place For 12 Rivers

Residents of the small NSW town have been given until 5pm to evacuate.

Jamed brickwood / Fairfax Media
Flood water closed the Newell Highway at the entrance to in Forbes in 2012.

The NSW central west town of Forbes has been ordered to evacuate by 5pm Saturday as the nearby Lachlan River is predicted to spill its banks causing widesperad flooding.

The 1000 affected residents have been warned of dangerous floodwaters as well as disruptions to power and water, while the State Emergency Service has set up an evacuation centre at Forbes High School.

NSW SES spokesperson Becky Gollings told The Huffington Post Australia volunteers took part in three flood rescues in the region alst night.

"We had two men trapped in a vehicle at Gooloogong and in Forbes itself, volunteers rescues a horse that was stuck in floodwaters as well as two adults and two children who were trapped intheir house," Gollings said.

"Thankfully no one was hurt and we're reminding people that driving through floodwaters is not worth the risk."

What to take with you when you evacuate

Take your important documents, mementos and photos

Take your spare clothing, medicines and personal hygiene supplies

If you are going to the evacuation centre, take blankets/sleeping bags, pillows and sleeping mats

If possible, check to see if your neighbours need help

Turn off the electricity and gas

Never drive ride or walk through floodwater

Continue to listen to a local radio station for updates

Source: SES

The Bureau of Meteorology has flood warnings active for 12 rivers and Gollings said flooding was spread across the state.

"We have roads partially affected by flood pretty much from the Queensand border to the Victorian border and particularly with school holidays underway, we know there will be a lot of people driving.

"We're asking people to check road information before they travel through affected areas.

"Since this flooding started on August 30, our volunteers have enacted 90 flood rescues.

"We want people to start listening to the warnings, it might take a bit longer to avoid flood waters but it's not worth your life."

Forbes floodwaters were expected to peak at midday Sunday.