26/09/2016 10:40 AM AEST | Updated 26/09/2016 1:27 PM AEST

CSIRO Reveals The Three Australian Professions With The Best Diets

Who knew public servants packed such healthy lunches?

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Real estate agents eat well, but they don't have to look so smug about it.

Real estate agents, public servants and health workers have the best eating patterns out of all Australian professions.

The CSIRO's annual Healthy Diet Score report gave the three disparate professions a big tick based on a survey of 86,500 adults' eating patterns.

Construction workers, on the other hand, were rated among the poorest diets in Australia along with the unemployed.

Across the country, in a score out of 100 where a top score equals following the healthy eating guidelines perfectly, the average Australian ranking is 59.

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If we split the drink does it only count as half a serve?

CSIRO research director Manny Noakes said that wasn't ideal.

"If we can raise our collective score by just over 10 points, we help Australia mitigate against the growing rates of obesity and lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and a third of all cancers," Noakes said in a statement.

"All people need to do is halve the bad and double the good. In other words, halve the amount of discretionary food you eat and double your vegetable intake."

Test your healthy eating score here with a range of questions about how often you eat fruit, veggies and meat and check out the results below.