26/09/2016 1:00 PM AEST | Updated 26/09/2016 3:36 PM AEST

Troop Cat Ed Is The Best NSW Policeman You Never Knew Existed

If anyone's going to smell a rat, it's Ed the cat.

NSW Police Force
Ed is a hard-working member of the Mounted Police Unit.

He sleeps on the job, rarely wears his uniform and has been known to go AWOL on occasions.

Yet former stray Troop Cat Ed is a much-loved member of the NSW Police Force Mounted Unit stationed in Surry Hills.

He was brought onboard to catch mice and rats in the horse stables, but watch the following video and decide whether you think he's giving it his all.

Regardless of work ethic, Sergeant Melinda Duncan told The Huffington Post Australia he'd become an invaluable team member since coming onboard four months ago.

"We had quite a problem with mice and rats and it kind of made sense to everyone here to get a stable cat rather than chemical intervention," Duncan told HuffPost Australia.

"I've been here 20 years and when I first started there was a stable cat called Bronson. He was a killer. Very good at keeping vermin down.

"Ed still has some learning to do."

He was named after a groom who retired around the same time that Ed started, but Melinda said it didn't hurt the cat's hair colour also matched singer Ed Sheeran.

He's settled into a routine of sleeping by the heater with the security guard at night and springing to action in the early morning.

"His rat catching has gotten better over the last few months," Duncan said.

"He normally brings in 'presents' for our special constables about 4am in the morning and no one wants see that at that time."

When formal occasions demand it, his uniform was custom made just for him by a Gunnedah Police Station volunteer.

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