26/09/2016 4:34 PM AEST | Updated 27/09/2016 6:29 AM AEST

One Bizarre Campaign Photo Captures 2016 Perfectly

When everyone in a crowd snaps a selfie at the same time, it can look pretty weird.

To some, it looked like a strange ritual from an alien culture: The possible next president walked into a room and everyone in the crowd turned their backs on her. 

This is what it’s like to campaign for the selfie generation: 

Victor Ng, a designer for the Clinton team, shared the image taken by campaign photographer Barbara Kinney last week when the candidate dropped by the overflow room at an event in Orlando. It’s not clear if she asked the crowd to take selfies or if it was a spontaneous moment, but naturally, social media responded to the image: 

Some people noted there was one brave soul in the crowd facing Clinton: